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COVID-19: Adapting monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning (MEAL) practices

Travel restrictions, physical distancing, and limitations on group gatherings have changed how our partners collect data.

Here's what our partners are saying about how they're adapting their practices:

Data collection is shifting to remote methods, e.g. SMS surveys or interactive voice response (IVR), rather than household surveys administered in-person by enumerators.

Community-based and community-led monitoring and evaluation will have an increasingly important role to play in helping gather data that doesn't require outsiders to enter communities and will provide deeper context to remotely-gathered quantitative data.

More in-depth qualitative data (stories, pictures, narratives, diaries) gathered through phone, virtual interviews, small groups or observations is being collected and used as evidence.

Stories, photos, videos or social-media posts and interactions provided directly by project participants and local stakeholders may replace or enrich direct observation or monitoring by project staff.

How Kinaki can help

Kinaki is a Canadian tool designed for international development and humanitarian organizations.  Through Kinaki, organizations can already collaborate remotely to design projects, collect and analyse data, and report on results.

We've designed new Kinaki capabilities to enable organizations to capture, organize, analyse, store and report on qualitative data and we are committed to making this available and accessible to the  Canadian non-profit community as soon as possible.

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Why Kinaki?

Kinaki has been used by more than 50 Canadian organizations and 200 worldwide.   We are working with donors to make Kinaki available at a low-cost to Canadian organizations and their partners - stay tuned!
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